The Bidvest Group

Divisional Overview

Subsequent to year-end, Bidvest strategically increased its stake in Adcock Ingram to 52%, making it a Proudly Bidvest company. Bidvest continues to hold investments in Comair (27.2% stake) and other unlisted investments. The Group also owns a significant Bidvest-occupied property portfolio, comprising 112 properties. Operations are primarily in South Africa with Noonan currently presenting the offshore exposure at 9% of revenue and 6% of trading profit in 2019.

Bidvest generates 65% of trading profit from services and 35% from trading and distribution activities.

Bidvest services 175 000 customers through 1 300 facilities.

B-BBEE level 3 with 50% of individual businesses at a level 1–2.

revenue and trading profit pies

R77,0 bn
net debt/EBITDA
R7,1 bn
cash generated
R33,4 bn
funds employed
123 841
Divisional structure


    SERVICES (31%)

  • Revenue
    R20 837m
    (2018: R18 968m) Trading profit
    R2 240m
    (2018: 1 992m)

    Operating across multiple sectors, Services’ comprehensive and diverse range of soft, hard and technical service capabilities creates a unique platform for customised client solutions. Operations span South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

  • 30 500 buildings serviced

    1 613 181 passengers made use of our lounges at South African airports

    Protea Coin conducted 2 000+
    investigations and completed 16 000 technical installations

  • Incorporating, amongst others:
    Steiner, Prestige, Protea Coin, Pureau, ExecuFlora, Rennies Travel, BidAir, First Garment Rental, Boston Laundries, Noonan


    FREIGHT (20%)

  • Revenue
    R6 419m
    (2018: R6 075m)

    Trading profit
    R1 369m
    2018: R1 318m)

    Leading private sector freight management group in sub-Saharan Africa, drawing on more than 150 years of portside experience. Facilitates the storage, handling and movement of cargo through its independent terminal operations, international clearing and forwarding, logistics and marine services.

  • 3 billion+ litres of bulk liquid products handled

    219 500 tons agricultural bulk storage capacity

    220 000m3
    warehouse space

  • Incorporating, amongst others:
    Bidvest Tank Terminals, SABT, Bulk Connections, Bidvest Panalpina Logistics, Naval



  • Revenue
    R9 072m
    (2018: R8 920m)

    Trading profit
    (2018: R710m)

    Manufacturing, distribution and trading businesses, representing multiple leading consumer and industrial day-to-day branded products.

  • Plumblink product range
    10 000+

    Produce 18 000 items daily in G Fox factory

    Offer broad product range across several domestic appliance categories

  • Incorporating, amongst others
    Matus, Renttech, Vulcan, Plumblink, GFox, Berzacks, Buffalo Tapes, Home of Living Brands, Yamaha, Academy Brushware



  • Revenue
    R9 435m
    (2018: R9 305m) Trading profit

    (2018: R701m)

    Leading distributor, supplier and manufacturer of a comprehensive suite of office products, office automation and office furniture, as well as a provider of outsourced customer communication services.

  • 1.5 billionforms

    4.5 billion packaging items sold

    179 million
    emails sent by Bidvest Data

  • Incorporating, amongst others
    Waltons, Konica Minolta, Cecil Nurse, Silveray, Kolok, Lithotech, Lufil, Bidvest Data



  • Revenue
    R2 701m
    (2018: R2 563m)

    Trading profit
    (2018: R632m

    Offers banking, insurance and other financial services such as merchant services, pension fund administration and foreign exchange to the corporate, business and individual segments. Bidvest Bank is a leading second tier bank.

  • Exchanged notes in
    60 currencies

    24 million
    point-of-sale transactions

    Issued card holders
    763 000

  • Incorporating, amongst others
    Bidvest Bank, Compendium, FMI, Bidvest Wealth and Employee Benefits, Bidvest Insurance, Master Currency



  • Revenue
    R23 442m
    (2018: R24 702m)

    Trading profit
    (2018: R602m)

    One of South Africa’s largest motor retailers, with a trading history going back more than 100 years. It retails vehicles through a national footprint as well as vehicle auctioneering and operates in the car rental sector.

  • Represents
    22 brands

    510 121 vehicles serviced annually

    605 280
    rental trips sold

  • Incorporating, amongst others
    Bidvest McCarthy, Bidvest Car Rental, Burchmores



  • Revenue
    R5 384m
    (2018: R5 695m)

    Trading profit
    (2018: R300m)

    A leading distributor of a vast array of electrical, cable and allied products, services and solutions. Through the Voltex distribution outlets, we service the industrial, mining, contractor, construction, engineering and retail sectors.

  • 21 specialist supplier businesses

    60 000+
    line items

  • Incorporating, amongst others
    Voltex, Electech, Versalec, Cabstrut, Technilamp, EMS Invirotel, LS Lighting